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Luxury Dining Room Renovations Ideas

Whether you are hosting a special dinner party or enjoying a romantic meal for two, luxury dining room renovations can help to create the perfect atmosphere. Luxury renovations are especially popular in older homes where space is limited, but they can be used to transform any dining room no matter how large or small it may be. The luxury side of luxury renovations aims to provide an opulent setting that makes the most of what little luxury there might be in the given area. While luxury is not necessary for luxury renovations, it certainly doesn’t hurt!

Here are some tips on how to create a luxury dining room, no matter what style of dining set-up you have.

1. Choose the Right Dining Table

It may seem obvious, but choosing the right dining table can have a huge effect on your dining experience. The size and shape of your dining table is going to determine where you put everything else, including any chairs or banquettes that might accompany it. Before choosing your new dining set-up consider how many people will need to sit at the dining table. If you are hosting an intimate dinner party for two then perhaps one side of your dining table could be returned to allow more space for other elements in the dining area. On the other hand if you are throwing a large dinner party then you might want your dining table to be a traditional rectangle. The dining table is going to be the centerpiece of your dining room, so choose a dining set that best fits with your needs and go from there.

2. Add a Chandelier

Chandeliers are very popular in dining rooms because they look fabulous when turned on and give off an ambient glow from above. A chandelier needn’t take up much space or demand many electrical outlets, but it does add a touch of elegance to any dining space. If possible try to center the chandelier over your dining set-up for maximum effect!

3. Choose the Right Flooring

Choosing appropriate flooring can have a big impact on the dining experience. Tile, carpet or wood? Each flooring choice has its own merit and can help shape your dining room renovation. Wood floors are often chosen for dining rooms because it compliments the dining set-up nicely. If you don’t care to use wood though try using tile or carpeting where you would normally place chairs or banquettes around a dining table – this creates an interesting visual effect that is always popular with guests!

4. Add More Light

Lighting is especially important when having large dinner parties in dark dining spaces with little natural light. The amount of electric lighting required is going to depend on how much natural light there is, but if possible try adding lighting behind your dining table like stylish looking lamps.

5. Add Storage Space

A dining room is often not thought of as a space where you would need additional storage, but it is definitely possible to add more storage wherever there isn’t any already! Toaster ovens and microwaves can be stored underneath kitchen counters while plates, utensils and glasses can be stored in cabinets near the dining area. If your dining set-up has plenty of seating around it consider adding a small buffet table to allow guests some extra space to store their belongings while they enjoy their meal.

6. Use an Interesting Rug

An interesting rug or even multiple rugs can really bring together a dining set-up nicely. Some designs that work particularly well are circles, triangles and chevrons arranged in interesting color combinations.



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