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10 Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas and Cost Involved in Singapore

You have probably bought a HDB resale or BTO flat and want to remodel it to your own taste. If you are wondering what it would cost to remodel your kitchen you are at the right place.

If you planning to redo your entire kitchen or just portions of it. You may be wondering how much you’ll spend on your HDB kitchen renovation? Before choosing an interior designer or kitchen contractor, it is best to get an idea of the rough costs involved and mistakes to avoid.

The costs may vary depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, the material used and the design, kitchen cabinets used to kitchen tiles selection and kitchen appliances selection. This guild will help you put things in perspective before you start kitchen renovation.

Here we will give you 10 kitchen renovation ideas and cost involved for renovating your kitchen in Singapore.

1. Know what you want before starting kitchen renovation

The kitchen is one place which needs to be planned in advance. You need to take measurements of your kitchen size and figure out exactly what you are going to put in it. The kitchen should not look overcrowded or under-utilized, so plan for the appliances that you are going to have before hand. This will help you estimate how much space each kitchen appliance takes up and thus allow you to create a layout plan for kitchen renovation. If possible the best way is to draw a scale floor plan on graph paper with all kitchen appliances mentioned on it . This would give an accurate idea of where things are placed in kitchen while also helping estimate cost of kitchen cabinets for your entire kitchen.

2.  Decide your kitchen layout before kitchen renovation your HDB flat.

Kitchen renovation is not just limited to installation of kitchen cabinets , sometimes you need to bring major changes in kitchen. It may be necessary to have your pluming rerouted, new kitchen doors, kitchen drawers or even a kitchen island if the existing kitchen arrangement does not suit your needs. Kitchen renovation can be a tricky affair and it would be advisable that you carry out a proper planning so as to avoid any unwelcome surprises while renovating kitchen in your HDB flat .

3. Check for kitchen design ideas from magazines and websites

The Internet is one place where you get plenty of free advice on all aspects of home improvement including kitchen renovation. You can search for inspiration from hundreds of photographs available on kitchen websites and kitchen magazines. However, you should be careful about the kitchen cabinets that you choose to install as they need to blend in with your kitchen decor. If possible try and bring a small cabinet sample home for matching it with your kitchen design.

4. How much will kitchen renovation cost? Know before starting kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation can be an extremely costly affair if you do not plan every step of the way. It would be advisable to make a list of all kitchen appliances such as kitchen sink, kitchen faucet, ovens, dishwasher, fridge etc. and then jot down how much each appliance costs separately. As far as kitchen cabinetry, the cost of installing cabinets ranges from $2500 for a basic set to up to $40,000 for high-end branded cabinets. An average price to get a beautiful kitchen done would average around $18,000 – $65,000 which includes the kitchen cabinet, pluming, flooring and appliances.

5. What kitchen renovations mistakes to avoid during your renovation?

Some kitchen renovation mistakes include failure to plan the kitchen renovation process, failure to make a budget for kitchen cabinets which are needed during kitchen renovation and failure to check the functionality of use or cabinets colors in different lighting that you choose before installation. Kitchen renovation is not just about style and but it should meet your needs as well. You should draw up a list of things that you want kitchen renovation to accomplish.

6. Choose the right type of cabinets while renovating a kitchen

Kitchen cabinets have become an integral part of kitchen design today and no matter how well you design your kitchen, it is not complete without the perfect cabinet. Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of materials from wood to metal, though some people may prefer kitchen drawers and kitchen islands as kitchen cabinets . But make sure you choose kitchen cabinets which blend in with the kitchen decor. remember cheaper does not mean its better here so invest in something that will last.

7. What kind of kitchen appliances should I buy?

Kitchen appliances such as gas stoves, ovens, commercial kitchen exhaust fans , kitchen hoods should be checked before you renovate your kitchen as they play a vital role in kitchen design. You can save money and reuse what what you have but If your kitchen appliances have seen better days, you may need to replace them completely or install kitchen wall cabinets so that smaller kitchen appliances can be tucked away.

8. Know what products are best for kitchen countertops

If you have decided not to install new kitchen cabinets then it is natural that kitchen countertops will be the closest kitchen surface to your kitchen sink. There are kitchen countertop products available in a variety of materials such as granite, marble and kitchen worktops . If kitchen renovation is being done in HDB flat then you should keep this kitchen renovation cost in mind before choosing kitchen countertop material. Formica kitchen countertops are cheap but not durable and should be avoided.

9. While renovating kitchen don’t forget about kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting is one aspect that usually gets ignored by homeowners during kitchen renovation. You must not neglect the importance of proper lighting because it affects how well you can see while performing kitchen activities like chopping , peeling vegetables or even writing down grocery list for next shopping trip. As such, all aspects such as location and number of lights need to be taken into consideration while renovating your kitchen.

10. Don’t forget kitchen flooring during kitchen renovation

Kitchen flooring is just as important as kitchen countertops or kitchen cabinets; your kitchen floor must be durable, easy to clean and ergonomically sound. Most homeowners usually prefer kitchen tiles because they are sturdy, long-lasting and come in a variety of designs. On the other hand, if you think that kitchen tiles would require too much maintenance then it would be better to go for wooden floors or vinyl kitchen floors which are more affordable.

We hope these ideas will help you to remodel kitchen successfully!



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