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17 Bathroom DIY tips to elevate its design for under $265

We’ve all been there: You’re ready to freshen up your bathroom and you want it to be perfect. It’s a daunting task, trying to create something unique and functional with minimal design know-how and money. But we’ve got the tricks for you! We’ve put together 20 bathroom DIY projects under $300 that will totally revamp your bathroom space. Some of these projects are simply quick fixes while others require some elbow grease, but all can be done in under one week. Check out our list below for easy bathroom diy ideas that will truly transform your bathroom from humdrum to fabulous.

1. Cute & Creative Towel Holder for Under $14.90

A cute way to store towels is by utilizing unused space, like the back of a door. This is the perfect bathroom diy that only requires some drill holes and screws to attach it properly. For more details on how to make this towel holder, click here .

2. Craft Your Own Bath Mat for Under $10

Upcycle old bathroom mats by creating your own bathroom rug with scrap fabric! If you’re crafty enough, this bathroom diy will be a cinch and cost little money. More details: here

3. DIY Bathroom Cabinet for Under $105

If you find yourself lacking bathroom storage, you should give this bathroom diy a try. Not only is it an inexpensive bathroom diy project, but it’s also simple and easy enough to create in one afternoon. More details: here

4. Luscious Wall Art For Under $19

This bathroom diy will change the entire space and add some fun and texture! All it takes is a little bit of paint and collage skills to turn your bathroom into an incredible, custom room with this bathroom diy idea. Here

5. Modern Towel Hooks for Under $6

Upcycle old silver candlesticks by turning them into towel hooks! The great thing about bathroom diys is that they’re functional and easily customizable. These bathroom diy ideas are an easy way to update your bathroom in just a few hours. More details: here

6. Frame Your Fixtures for Under $12

Create some bathroom art using inexpensive frames or even old picture frames from around the house! This bathroom project is great if you want to add some color or texture to your bathroom while sprucing up the walls. Click here for instructions on how to frame bathroom tiles. Here

7. Add Some Personality With Wallpaper For Under $7

You can either paint or wallpaper your bathroom walls for a quick bathroom diy! If you’re looking for bathroom diy ideas that allow your creativity to show, this is the perfect project for you. Just liven up a plain bathroom wall by following these simple bathroom diy instructions here

8. Boost Your Bathroom Storage with a crate $20

This bathroom storage idea is one of the easiest bathroom diys around and only requires drilling two holes by the dry area of your bathroom wall  and attaching some hooks! This bathroom storage DIY is fantastic because not only will it take minimal time, Here

9. Easy Lamp For Under $5

Give your bathroom a stylish update with this bathroom diy idea! You dont need any tools, its a nice light to use in the evenings when you want a more cozy atmosphere : Here

10. Aluminum alloy soap holder $13

This is a nice elegant way to hold your soaps or bath foams and shampoos, All you need to drill 2 holes and install it. here.

11. Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser $5.5

This is a toothpaste dispenser that will mount to any standard wall or medicine cabinet. It detects when your hand is near the sensor and dispenses the perfect amount of toothpaste onto your brush. here.

12. Bidet Water Spray Head $7

Recently, Bidets have become a hot topic among homeowners because they are considered an eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper. Its metal chrome design makes it look expensive. here

13. Stainless Steel Bathroom Water Hose Pipe $5.5

A great accessory to your bidet set and the stainless steel look will follow through the design. here

14. DIY Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Holder $5

This taller rod allows you to store more toilet rolls in a more stylish, all you need is to drill 2 holes for this easy bathroom diy installation. buy it here

15. Shower Rod Shelf $12

Upgrade your bathroom with a stylish bathroom rod shelf holder! This bathroom project is easy enough to complete in just a few minutes and can be completed with just tightening a screw without any tools. Check out the shelf diy details here.

16. DIY Bathroom Storage for Under $6

This bathroom diy is perfect if you’re looking to add some bathroom storage! This bathroom project is incredibly simple and requires no tools to install as it uses suction, plus it only takes about 1 minute to complete this bathroom diy. Click here for all the bathroom details.

17. Shower Head $12

Make your bathroom shower set look more polished and give it a designer touch with this easy bathroom diy! All you need is remove your old shower head set and install this, turn it clock wise to tighten. buy it here

Are you looking for bathroom diy ideas? We’ve got bathroom design tips to renovate your bathroom in every price range – check out our other blog posts to find inspiration for your own bathroom renovation project:

We saved the best bathroom diy for last! If you’re looking for stylish bathroom storage options, this is the bathroom upgrade for you. It’s easy to follow, requires minimal tools and offers up lots of storage space! Plus, it looks great too – win-win in our book!

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