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The family home is an important aspect in Singapore's family-oriented culture, as it allows family members to share experiences together with friends and family alike

A Practical Guide to Family Home Redesign

A family home may be a repository of memories and a location where family members’ hearts live on through the generations. It is the glue that keeps family members together, whether they are thousands of kilometers apart or simply across the hall.

In Singapore, family homes have been created for both practical and aesthetic reasons. In addition to the standard features such as kitchen equipment, family bathrooms, and bedrooms that are found in most middle-class families, family houses also include special rooms such as playrooms and study rooms for children and teenagers.

There would also be a room set aside solely for seniors, such as grandparents or retired parents, where they may indulge in their hobbies and interests.

Ideally, family home designs should be built around the family life cycle, with each room providing practical value as the family members get older. Rather of being limited to one-lived homes, this would allow family houses to be more flexible and adaptable to changing demands from the family members.

Always plan for ample space for effective ventilation of heat and lush vegetation like plants and trees that provide shade from the sun.

This is done by combining the natural environment with modern architectural elements, resulting in houses that are both cool and aesthetically pleasing. Buildings of tall structures are concentrated near housing developments on the outskirts of town to reduce commuting time.

The Interior design should focus on different areas for different family members, as well as more personal touches provided by family members. These might range from family pets to family photos and other memorabilia of cherished events in the lives of families. Wood is a popular choice among natural materials utilized in home furnishings or flooring in family homes, particularly when nature is the focus outdoors.

Tiles are also popular in these regions because, for example, they may be more difficult to clean. Floors would also be designed differently with the use of wooden tiles rather than carpeting to appeal to users’ preferences for improved footing and floor contact. The development of separate living quarters set aside exclusively for elders, similar to the concept promoted in contemporary nursing homes where elderly people have their own areas to spend time with family members when they choose, is a notable trend that can be observed throughout family homes.

The sense of privacy this home design offers has attracted favorable comments from family members, who may now spend time alone with their friends without disturbing others. Furthermore, in Singapore’s culture, family homes send the same vital messages:

The use of photographs in public housing projects is also comparable to how Asians value family togetherness, as shown by the use of family pictures in wall decorations and accessories. Such decorations may be found on a range of housing estates, where aesthetics are carefully tended to allow visitors to enjoy family homes without the clutter of family memorabilia.

The family home is an important aspect in Singapore’s family-oriented culture, as it allows family members to share experiences together with friends and family alike. Family homes are also made more appealing through their unique design features that complement each family member’s ever-changing needs.



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