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So you want to revamp your living room, and who doesn't? Living rooms are one of those spaces in the home where everyone can gather and relax

9 HOT living room ideas for your home

So you want to revamp your living room, and who doesn’t? Living rooms are one of those spaces in the home where everyone can gather and relax. They’re also a great setting for hosting guests. Yet, the process of decorating or renovating this space is often an afterthought, as most people tend to spend their time focusing on bedrooms and kitchens instead.

If you’ve got a grand idea but don’t know where to start, here’s some tips:

1) Keep it clean:

The first thing you should do before even thinking about purchasing new furniture pieces or accessories is decluttering your living area. There isn’t really a point in spending money on new items that would only make the space more cluttered. Remove any unnecessary furniture pieces, toys and random knickknacks from the room. If it’s not in use or has a purpose, get rid of it!

2) Paint:

Paint is usually one of the cheapest renovation items you need to buy when decorating a living space. However, it can also have a big impact on your rooms’ overall look so spend some time deciding on the perfect shade(s). Colours that are warm and inviting such as yellow-orange or soft brown will add an element of comfort into your home whereas cold colours like grey or blue tend to make spaces appear smaller. I’d recommend going for two different shades if you’re torn between choosing warm and tones to balance out both sides of your personality.

3) Keep it neutral:

Most living rooms are usually decorated with a sofa, cushions and a coffee table as focal points. You can make any space feel more vibrant by surrounding those items with smaller decor pieces such as vases, picture frames and cool furniture knick-knacks. But if you want to make the area appear larger then it’s best to stick with a neutral colour palette that isn’t distracting or too bright. Opt for greys, whites and blacks to achieve that classic look everyone loves!

4) Add texture:

Adding soft textures into a room will help balance out harder surfaces like tile floors or pristine wooden cabinets. Plus, they also add warmth which is always nice when decorating a living space. Go for items like plush rugs, cozy blankets and thick curtains.

5) Lighting:

Lighting is another key element that appears to be overlooked when designing a room! Make sure there’s adequate lighting in all sections of the living area by placing lamps beside seating areas, couches and coffee tables. Use dimmers on overhead lights if you’re decorating with brighter colours or patterns to avoid overwhelming your eyes. And remember, recessed lighting tends to create more atmosphere then typical lamps so that would be my first choice!

6) Set the mood:

Living rooms are often used as gathering spaces since most people love spending time with friends over good food and drinkswhich can be easily served from a kitchen or dining room. Make your get-togethers more comfortable and relaxing by choosing a theme that cultivates the right mood for your guests. A good way to do this is by adding in elements that remind people of their favourite pastimes such as books, board games, music equipment or even a coffee table bar if you’re in the mood to host an epic cocktail party!

7) Furniture:

And last but not least, always make sure you have plenty of seating available when designing a living space. Whether it be long benches or plush sofas, make sure there’s enough places for everyone to sit down and relax. If you like to entertain guests often then opt for two (maybe three) different seating arrangements around the living room to give yourself some options.

8) Decorate:

Now you’ve got all of the design basics covered it’s time to add in your favourite little touches and personalize your space! Keep any surfaces like side tables or counters clutter-free, stick with one type of art on the walls and place a pile of books beside the couch for more comfort. And if you’re looking for new home decor items then check out my blog (IDSG World) since I’m always finding amazing new products at great prices.

9) Accessories:

And last but not least, fill your space with plenty of things that make you happy! Whether it be a bouquet of flowers from a friend or cool collectibles from your travels, make your living area about you and everything that makes you happy. After all, what good is a room if it doesn’t feel like home?

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