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The office meeting space design ideas are open planned so that employees have easy access to meeting rooms without needing to go through an entire department or floor of the building

Meeting Space Design and Renovation Project

The start of the office meeting space project arose from the firm’s need for more room to grow. They needed to build an office meeting space that would allow staff to feel at ease while also demonstrating how strongly the organization values its employees.

Design concepts: The main concept behind the new office was creating open spaces that give employees freedom, as well as plenty of natural light which comes from skylights in their ceiling. Another idea incorporated into this design is making use of glass partitions to separate areas such as casual workstations, team collaboration areas and enclosed offices without closing off any area completely off from the rest of the office. These large glass panels do not block out light and can all be opened up or closed easily depending on the need.

The office meeting space design ideas are open planned so that employees have easy access to meeting rooms without needing to go through an entire department or floor of the building. All spaces are easily accessible from the other areas in the office so collaboration is not a problem. Meeting rooms are integrated into these sections so they can be used by any department to meet with anyone.

Seating Arrangements

The majority of the office’s sitting is made up of workstations, which include adjustable height desks, task chairs, and sit-to-stand workstations. Some areas have lounge style seating to allow employees a place to relax after lunch or on casual days. This location also has conference rooms with huge whiteboards.

Computers with attached workstations

Boardroom has several adjustable height workstacles options, task chairs, and sit-to-stand workstations to make it simple for staff to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. Employees may also utilize an ergonomic keyboard tray or monitor arms to change the height of their equipment while they’re seated on an adjustable height desk.


In this workplace, glass cubicles are used in certain areas so that any employee may walk inside them to use a private meeting area when necessary; nevertheless, the majority of these rooms are open plan so that everyone may observe what is happening within them. This promotes transparency throughout the business and maintains communication channels open.


Many skylights in the ceiling and LED lights that automatically adjust their brightness based on the space they’re in provided ample natural light to the office meeting room design. Overhead task lighting, as well as dimmable overhead lights for areas with darker flooring such as kitchens and conference rooms, are also available.

Heat and cooling

This office has air conditioning units that can be controlled via individual controls at each workstation, as well as heating units under the desks to keep staff comfortable at all times of year.


Employees may use open areas and rely on equipment like small fans to keep them cool in this office meeting space.

Materials used

This office meeting room has a natural appearance without blocking out too much natural light thanks to wood flooring, glass divisions, and vinyl panel partitions. This workplace also features big sliding doors that may be opened or closed depending on the weather, as well as numerous round frosted glass elements that provide a modern feel while still preserving seclusion between areas.

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