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Minimal Kitchen Design

A minimalistic kitchen is a great addition for any house or apartment. With a minimalistic design, you can have a quick and easy cooking space without the fuss of overcrowded cabinets and surfaces.

One of the many things that separates Singapore from other countries is its unique minimalism in designing home interiors. In general, minimalistic designs take up minimal spaces while still being functional to everyday life. To get you started on how minimal kitchen project should look like, here are some design inspirations from our interior designer company in Singapore.

Kitchen minimalism is not about how empty the space you have on your kitchen, but it focuses more on how functional and efficient the whole space can be. Here are some of our minimal kitchen ideas that will help you save on time…

Kitchen minimalism is all about utility, so utilize only what you need and leave the rest behind. Arrange them in a way that makes it easy to locate when you’ll need to prepare food or serve guests!

For your cabinet door, use see-through material to expose your various dinnerware, glasses, cups and cutlery without having to open the doors every time you want something specific.

Skimp on working surfaces. Without difficulties, you may cook and prepare food on a decent worktop. The minimal kitchen design we provide at our interior designer firm in Singapore is a practical and functional area where you can do quick chopping, slicing, and cooking.

Adding more than one purpose to your worktop will maximize the countertops. Our tiny kitchen design idea is to make use of the working surface not just as storage space or a cooking area, but also as a dining area and even an outdoor BBQ station! Instead of limiting yourself to a few inches at a time, spreading out the minimalist concept over the entire length of your minimal kitchen allows you to save space and increase its usefulness.

Consider dimming appliances. Microwaves, ovens, mixers, and blenders should be kept on designated cabinets with ample lighting so you can easily see what’s inside and remove them when you need to use them. We also want to ensure that the small amount of space we have is used efficiently in minimal kitchen designs.

Another technique to save space is to store appliances in drawers. This not only saves room, but it’s also organized and everything is easily accessible and stored away neatly after usage.

Jars are a wonderful method to store and organize your food. Jars are ideal for holding everything from your culinary ingredients to herbs, spices, or dried foods. In tiny kitchens, cabinets must be left open since closed doors cannot accommodate all of the things you need while cooking, so having jars that fit on your countertops can save more room while still keeping minimalism in your cuisine.

Minimize faucets. In small kitchens, you may reduce the number of faucets by having one near your sink and another on the opposite wall, allowing you to wash dishes more easily. If you think about it, this opens up your minimalistic design to be more practical, functional, and even creative! Instead of just one tap beneath the working surface, have two or three taps so that hot water does not scald you when cooking.

Remove the old appliances. Electric kettles, coffee makers, mixers, and juicers are excellent small kitchen additions, but they’re only ornamental when you don’t need them all that often. We suggest getting rid of any items that aren’t absolutely required in order to make minimal kitchens more manageable.

Make the most of a tiny kitchen’s space. Minimal kitchens might be tight, but they may also be creative spaces where functionality takes precedence over decoration. To make more countertop area, place the fridge beneath the sink and make sure appliances like as ovens or microwaves fit within your small design while still remaining functional.

Make an L-shaped minimal kitchen with a working surface in the middle. If you don’t have enough room for cabinets, this tiny kitchen idea is perfect: construct an L-shape and set cooking stations on both sides so that you will never have to worry about lacking space when you cook and serve food for friends.

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