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Pros and Cons of wooden furniture in cottages

The use of wooden furniture in cottages are very common. It has been used by many generations across the world for thousands of years. The main reason for this preference was that it is cheap, available and durable. Besides these features, they are also aesthetically pleasing to look at due to their fine finish and designs. However, over time several disadvantages have come up regarding the use of wooden furniture in our homes.

Some major consequences can be listed as follows:

Wooden furniture require more laborious efforts when it comes to cleaning them regularly. They often get dirty with dust particles which are almost impossible to clean off without using any chemicals or soaps on them . These chemicals are harmful for both people living inside the house as well as the environment.

If we go back a few decades, wood was used almost everywhere in the cottages and not just furniture. There were many wooden parts used on all appliances and devices such as the doors of clothes cabinets, shutters for windows etc. Unfortunately over time they have been replaced by metal or plastic counterparts due to their low durability and poor life span.

Wood is also susceptible to insects such as termites, worms etc which often cause them to rot from inside out ruining them completely .

These creatures can be naturally found in places where they grow most commonly across the world i.e., tropical regions with high humidity levels over a span of several years slowly causing damage to these beautiful pieces art made from trees.

The termites are especially dangerous as not only they spoil the furniture but also make their nests inside them which often leads to major destruction of one’s property.

Another issue with wooden furniture is that it requires a lot of care and maintenance on a regular basis. For instance, all surfaces have to be polished once a week to retain their shine and lusture. Over time dust settles down on them making them look dull and dirty . This has been found as one of the most common complaints from people using wooden furniture for many generations now.

In addition, wood absorbs any liquid spills that may happen on its surface although this might just seem like a small disadvantage there can be serious repercussions of such accidents if it occurred often enough.

Alcoholic drinks leave permanent stains on wood while milk and fruit juice can lead to quick deterioration of furniture even if they are wiped off instantly. To avoid such consequences, it is always better to use table mats or cloths on any wooden surfaces.

All these disadvantages have led manufacturers to come up with new types of furniture using different materials like plastic , metal etc which are more effective in reducing the problem related to cleaning and durability. In addition, wood does not do well in places that experience extreme weather conditions i.e., hot or cold as it shrinks or expands causing cracks on its surface over a period of time . even when it comes to outdoor furniture like porch swings.

For this reason, most people prefer stainless steel dining tables for their homes now as they can be easily cleaned without much effort. Wooden cabinets also do not fare well in places that are humid or experience frequent rainfall .

Despite the drawbacks, there are still many people who prefer wooden furniture due to their classic look. They have been used by several generations for years now which is why they can never be replaced completely without any difficulty. People using them say that despite all the problems they face on a day to day basis these things are worth it because of their elegance and natural charm.

Wooden furniture will always be in demand in cottages because of its durability and easy availability over time making manufacturers launch newer designs with different finishes to attract buyers across regions. Sales figures show that people do not want steel dining tables after wood even in the 21st century which is why they are considered to be the best option.

It will never fade away completely from our lives unless something better comes up in its place performing equally well or even better. However, there are always some issues that have to be sorted out for this material before it can be truly considered suitable for usage everywhere across all houses worldwide whether it’s a one floor cottage or multi storied building with many rooms made of wood.

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