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Twill textiles are popular in home designs because of its very durable and high-quality. They can be used in carpets, rugs, upholstery, window coverings and a lot more. The style and color of twill, in general, make it easy for you to decorate your home without having to go through lots of hassle.

Interior designers use twill fabric as wall coverings as well as for sectionals and the sofa. It is even used to create drapery, chair cushions and slipcovers. Twill floor coverings can be made from wool or cotton fabric depending upon your budget and needs. Using modern patterns and textures, you can make your very own design of twill fabric and it will always look fresh and different from others’.

You may not find it easy to make a choice regarding the pattern of twill that you ought to use for that special room in your house. You need to think about color too; for instance, if you want a classic style then there is no harm in exploring various prints such as plain fabrics with light texture or geometrical patterns. However, you can also choose to use two-tone twills for a more dramatic effect. Here are some ideas that may help you in your quest:

Paisley Twill

twill Paisley








This pattern is one of the most commonly used and very stylish as well; it will give an old room a new look with the variety of shades and textural effects available. Paisley prints can be found in many colors including shades of green, blue, gray and brown. If you want to bring out a warm touch then go for bright colors such as bright orange or gold. When using this print on upholstery fabrics it would be best if you mix them with other prints such as stripes or checks because paisleys have rounded designs which can make your room look too busy.

Plaid Twill

twill Plaid








This is another popular print that you will find in many twill fabrics; there are single-colored or multi-colored plaids, each of which is a good choice for decors with light to medium tones. The basic rule about plaid fabric is that they do not go well with solid colors and printed patterns because it would be hard to match them together if you have a busy background or any other competing pattern on your walls. But when used alone on the sofa it can add a casual feel to the room if mixed with cotton cushions in neutral tones such as beige, white or cream. If you want some printed accent pillows then think about using plain brown velvet pillow cover or any other plush fabric with dark colors; this will give your room that classy look.

Tartan Twill

twill Tartan








This is another popular plaid which you can use in various ways like tartan style twills, tartan upholstery fabrics, etc. It has thick contrasting lines and patterns but the best thing about it is that it never goes out of fashion. You can easily find some amazing tartan print on many twill wallpapers or floor coverings available at an affordable price. Plus, they don’t need to be placed across the whole wall because a quarter portion will be enough for creating an eye-catching feature behind the sofa or chairs. They are also used as tablecloths for outdoor parties during autumn and winter seasons when the weather is cool and breezy.

Colourful Stripes Twill

twill colorful stripes








This is another great way to add some substance to your room décor with a touch of color especially if you have a simple background wall decor. Stripes will bring out the best in any solid color or patterned fabric which can be used on most furniture pieces in your living space including the sofa, upholstery, dining chairs and tables, etc. You can choose from various colors such as yellow, blue, gray and green depending upon your preference and budget availability. In fact, colorful stripes are perfect for summertime décor because they help build that light cheerful feel inside home.

Velvet Fabrics Twill









When it comes to style then nothing is sexy like velvet fabric; it’s been in for a long time and is still going strong. It has unique textures and designs which add some depth to the room décor especially when used on furniture pieces such as dining chairs and sofas. You can choose from various twill shades of brown, blue, beige or green depending upon your preference. Plus, it can look great with other textured fabrics such as twills or velvet upholstery fabric; you don’t need to match them exactly.

Now you know how beautiful stripes, plaids and tartans look when combined together; we hope that these ideas will inspire you to create your own style in your living space this season while keeping it budget friendly. We’ll see you next time with more wonderful home decorating tips and ideas.





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