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Amazing Wood Cladding Ideas for Home & Buildings

There are many ways to add interest and texture to your home, Wood cladding isn’t particularly new, but it’s sheer presence in interiors will bring a feeling of warmth and luxury to any room.

Wood cladding is minimalist in style and can be used on walls or ceilings – this look is not for those who want to live amidst fussy drapes, tassels and frills! Wood cladding comes with its own colour palette which tends towards natural colours , whites, neutrals. Wood cladding can also come as over-sized planks so ensure the measurements suit before you buy online .

Wood Cladding for Offices & Commercial Buildings

Wood panels have been commonly used in offices & commercial buildings for years now ! Wood cladding is an eco conscious and natural approach to adding warmth and interest to a room. Wood cladding can last up to 40 years or more with the right upkeep, so it is worth considering when making such a big decision.

Wood panels look striking both in contrast with dark flooring and lighter floorings such as white marble. Wood cladding creates a feeling of luxury & calmness in any home, nothing rivals the appearance that wood brings – especially when used with natural lighting . Wood cladding is tactile and warm, perfect for winter months when you really want to feel cosy!

Wood has been around since the beginning of time, it’s eco friendly properties make it appealing in many homes nowadays. Wood does come in various species but we recommend Maple Wood or Oak Wood for their durability and strength. To add the look of wood cladding, you can use it in various ways such as:

Wood Cladding for Walls

Wood Cladding (for walls) Wood cladding is an excellent way of adding warmth to a room. Wood panels are weather resistant , so will not warp with climate fluctuations. Wood cladding brings luxury to any home – perhaps the best thing about wood cladding is that it creates a feeling of calmness within your home!

Wood has been used on the ceilings & walls of homes for years now, Wood effect bringing new life & style to any house. Wood paneling adds character & charm to any room without being too fussy or intricate .

Wood panels which are 6 7 6mm thick create a more contemporary feel but thicker panels which are 12-14mm thick make the perfect rustic addition to a room. Wood cladding is easy to clean and durable – wood cladding can be maintained easily by wiping with a damp cloth periodically or occasionally using Pledge Wood Floor multi purpose polish .

Wood effect makes an eco friendly way of adding warmth and texture to your home. Wood cladding was once used in commercial buildings such as offices, Wood effect making it common for homes these days where we want our surroundings to be luxurious but also practical ! Wood paneling is simple & stylish, we recommend Oak Wood or Maple Wood for their durability and resistance to environmental conditions.

Wood Cladding (for ceilings) Wood cladding is simple and stylish, we recommend Maple Wood or Oak Wood for their durability and resistance to environmental conditions . Wood cladding ceilings are a sturdy and cost effective addition to any home.



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