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Modern Building Remodel

In today’s world, where more and more individuals are opting to live in cities, the demand for intelligent contemporary design that is both practical and environmentally beneficial has never been greater. There is a necessity for smart construction in Singapore, an island nation located on the southern aspect of Malaysia’s mainland, just as there is elsewhere.

However, because of the government’s stringent planning rules that specify density levels and public housing minimums, it may be tough for new structures to stand out from their context.

What’s the best way to approach it? Make these restrictions a benefit by designing something completely unique in a larger-than-needed space! This piques architects’ interest, leading to inventive reinterpretations of conventional architecture.

This is, in fact, what the IDSG team has done with their newest makeover, a boutique office space in a brand new structure located on Sultan Gate near Kampong Glam – an area formerly known as the Arab Quarter. They’ve taken a basic construction and made it something truly unique.

The team from IDSG who restored the building gave it the name exodus, signifying its height of four stories. The exterior is mostly made up of white painted walls punctuated by floor-to-ceiling windows at nearly every point along each elevation. Massive skylights were also built into the top of the structure in order to provide ample light inside and views out across neighboring structures and greenery.

On the ground floor, a five-meter-tall window wall separates an open office space from a sleek entrance corridor outfitted with polished concrete floors and tiled walls.

This project, along with others in the IDSG portfolio, provides a stunning backdrop for interior design features like light fixtures, private area entrances, and even shelving holding decorative plants. Smaller tiles were also used on some of these surfaces to add visual variety while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic – something that added interest without being overpowering. This boutique office center has an inviting rather than intimidating feeling thanks to the entire atmosphere.

With plenty of parking space, which is ideal for any business. The aesthetic appeal adds another dimension to the building’s success: a photo or a video of it. This facility won’t just bring in foot traffic; it’ll attract visitors from all over the world!

The contemporary style created by IDSG isn’t just aesthetically attractive, but it is also environmentally beneficial above and beyond the current energy-efficiency of modern structures, with features like dynamic shading devices that adapt to solar heat gain.

Because of stringent government restrictions, new construction may find it difficult to stand out in their context. This structure has succeeded in doing so while also enhancing its appeal through a welcoming atmosphere, using the clever contemporary technique described above.



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